Saturday, April 26, 2008

Curb Your Enthusiasm For The Canadian System

POsted on the taxpayerblog by Lee Harding at 1:15 PM on Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The umpteenth survey has confirmed what politicans refuse to face: citizens want health care reform. Pollara's 10th Health Care in Canada Survey not only shows citizens want change, it shows health care professionals also want it. "Sixty-nine per cent of nurses felt the system needed significant change, while 62% of doctors favoured 'some fairly major repairs.'"

Health Care in Canada Survey highlights:
- 68% of Canadians think the system needs major repairs or complete rebuilding.
- 57% of Canadians rate their health as good or excellent.
- 57% feel they are receiving quality health care.
- 37% of Canadians reported being diagnosed with a chronic illness.
- 48% believe access to good quality, timely health care will improve in the next five years.
- 49% think access to family doctors has worsened.
- 30% strongly support giving Canadian access to private clinics if wait times guaranteed for certain procedures aren't met in the public system.

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