Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What Physicians Have In Common and Can Agree On

A few weeks ago this post on received over 300 votes with an outstanding 95% of "yes" answers.

I see these few points as a declaration of independence of physicians and physicians should read and remember this from time to time.

"What we physicians all have in common"

1. We want to serve our patients, not insurance companies nor the government

2. We want to practice medicine independently according to our knowledge and judgment, and not be told what to do by insurance companies nor by the government

3. We want to make a living on our own, we do not want to be given what insurance companies and government deem "appropriate" for us

We want to be an independent, noble and free profession!

Because WE have the knowledge, the expertise and the skills, and the insurance companies and the government do NOT! "

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