Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A ray of hope - Obamacare might be declared illegal

I could hardly believe my ears yesterday when I heard of of the decision of a federal judge in Florida that it is unconstitutional to force citicens to purchase health care contracts. The government might as well force us to spend money on gym memberships, on guns, on whatever your pet peeve might be. The government cannot not mandate what we purchase! What a reasonable position.
And no, the comparison with car insurance is flawed. We do not have to buy a car, buying a car is our choice. Once we have one, we have to operate it so that nobody gets hurt and we have to prepare for instances where we may accidentially hurt someone.
We do not chose to have a body! We are born with it. It is not a matter of choice as is the purchase of a car. A health insuracne is more about maintenance and disaster protection as compared to insurance against harm we may cause others and liability protection - which are the reasons we purchase car insurance.
Very nice touch also to quote Obama (by memory, may not be exact) "We cannot mandate health insurance or we might as well eliminate homelessness by mandating that everybody buys a house" Thank you for this insight, Mr. President! Thank you!
And wonderful also the statement that the insurance mandate is so central to the new health care reform law that the whole law has to be dumped.
I very much hope the Supreme Court decides along the lines of this ruling.

It is just my opinion, the opinion of a dumb little doctor, that it would have been much better to limit the reform to a simple few rules such as
"no lifetime maximum in payments"
"disregard preexisting conditions"
That would have been quite anough!

And I have to say - RESPECT, Americans! You really love your freedom. This lawsuit alone showed me more than anything else in the last 16 years I have lived in this country that American truly value their freedom. I had given up hope and thought that the giant USA had become complacent and weak and was ready to be domesticated by the present administration, by closet socialists and their "useful idiots". But, stop, wait, Americans are not ready to be converted into docile sheep in a high-tax, high-obedience herd where "paying taxes is patriotic" and being different and not conforming with the general rules is illegal. You will not be sheeps herded by the government - no Sir! You are still serious about the one true fundamental - freedom!
My hat off to you Americans!

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